Frequently Asked

Q: How do I request a Retreat?


A: To help empower me to best respond to you is to familiarize yourself with the retreat offerings, take advantage of my many free writings, audio and video and then send me a SELF-INTRODUCTION RETREAT INQUIRY when ready to connect and see about scheduling a personal retreat process. You may of course always simply email me directly.



Q: What are the prices of these retreat options?

A: Prices are listed within each retreat option on this website.   (You may also like to download a printable Center For SoulArts e-brochure PDF file here​.)

Q: When is payment due, and is my deposit refundable?

A:  A deposit is required to register, schedule, and secure your personal retreat dates with Ronda. Payment is due in full 30 days prior to your retreat - or prior to the retreat start in cases where we schedule closer than 30 days. (Payment plans may be arranged in appropriate situations and by request.)


Cancellation Policy, Releases etc. are published on the registration page, in the shopping cart ...and you may request a copy of the SoulArts Welcome Pack which contains these policies as well as additional information you will receive once you schedule your personal retreat. 

Q: Where do I REGISTER for a retreat?

A: Please REGISTER for your RETREAT here after we have emailed or spoken to select your retreat date. Registration confirms and secures your dates.

Q: Are there some advance readings you suggest to prepare for our work together?

A: No advance reading is necessary although I would suggest reading at least 2-3 articles that interest you (and perhaps the Working with a Spiritual Teacher Series) as well as seeing what audio or video at site calls to you.  Some find Ronda's guidebook: The Art of Living Your Destiny a helpful starting point and others find it more useful after their retreat. 

Q: Where should I fly in to?

A: Los Angeles International LAX Airport is the largest and most common option (about 75 miles South). Burbank Airport is also about the same distance as LAX. I would recommend charming Santa Barbara Airport if cost and schedule permits. Santa Barbara is a lovely small city with easy car rental/return and an nice 35 mile ocean side ride into Ojai.

Q: How do I get to SoulArts in Ojai?


A:  While you don't need a car while at your retreat, sometimes it is good to have even during the retreat process (especially the final day). If possible, I do recommend renting over shuttle/taxi as the price is often the same and having your own car does give you options to explore. Please do whichever best suits you. If you shuttle, LAX has more options (Roadrunner, Super Shuttle, Primetime, etc.) and they will deliver you to our doorstep. Local taxi service Topa Topa Taxi offers reasonable door to door drop off and pick up. Rental is often just as cost-efficient and gives you freedom to explore.

For DIRECTIONS via MapQuest:


Set your GPS to: 

Q: I am traveling long distance, can I arrive the night before my retreat begins?

A: If you are attending a Private SOLO retreat and coming in from overseas please contact me to see about arranging to arrive a day ahead. I will make this available where possible. Other options for those traveling long distance is to arrange for a night ahead at one of Ojai area local hotels and enjoy this special little town before your retreat begins. (Link is for downloading a PDF list of hotels.

Q: What should I bring (and not bring) with me?

A: Bring comfy clothing and layers. It is often cool at night and warm and sunny by day. Please also bring shoes that are easy to slip off/on and a pair for hiking. Bring a bathing suit if you want one for the outdoor spa (optional at your preference).


Please don't bring any work, emails etc. This is time for real self reflection, peace and inner quiet. If there is a favorite snack or a special object from home that you feel inclined to bring along, feel free to do so. (No personal pets.. not because I don't love them, but because it's really important to break from your own normal home stuff and be in a new space).

AND PLEASE: Pack as light and as little as you can! Less is (much) more in this case.

Q: What about food preferences and allergies?

A: I think you will be delighted with the food. I am somewhat of a "gourmet turbo chef" and have an Center for SoulArts recipe book in the works. Food is healthy but not vegetarian unless you specify. I tend toward Paleo mainly. I will ask you about allergies and will do my best to prepare foods within your choices. Those here on private SOLO retreat also have your own private kitchen stocked with various other food and snack options to pick from and you may bring a few things as well if on a very restricted diet. During this special retreat process alcohol consumption should be none or very minimal (celebration/ ceremonial times only). No recreational drugs and smoking only off premise for this journey please.

Q: Is this therapy and what about any medical treatments?

A: If you are concerned about your mental, emotional, or physical health, please have your health care professional advise you regarding this retreat and your readiness for it.  I also ask you to complete a medical profile and emergency contacts.

If you are on medications for depression, anxiety, or other health issues, be sure to let me know, and do not stop treatment during this process. You are 100% responsible for your own mental, emotional, and physical well being while here doing this self-designed inner work. If you have any reservations on this count, gain the advice of your doctor before applying for this retreat.

This is not therapy and I am not a psychotherapist. People have universally told me that this is significantly more powerful than traditional therapy! Our work is one sacred relationship where you are spiritually guided and hosted in the soul arts of discovering how to live from your own inner wisdom and artistry. We're meant to be artist's of our lives!

Q: What should I expect?

A: Expect to find this way more and way different than you expected... and if you can, simply drop the kinds of expectations that have to do with details and questions about the process (that's all mind fear stuff that just blocks the very peace and clarity you seek), and instead let your expectations open to the flow of your deeper longing of soul. From there, it will be a playful depth of self-realization and adventure!

You can understand my approach, extensive training, background and qualifications by perusing this and my large website; reading my books and articles; and by reading more about Ronda. I request that all retreat applicants read my 3-part article on working with a spiritual teacher.


This is a very special relationship and it is only for those who are called to a deep level of self-reflection, personal responsibility and a readiness to grow in new ways of freedom, and who have the desire to work with someone one-on-one who can help you discover your own inner wisdom and unique genius. We will be putting the mind where it belongs (in service to soul) and we will be entering into the art of reclaiming and becoming truly and wholly YOU...

For more take a look at the client testimonials and you'll get a sense for how "beyond expectations" this experience can be.

And Oh My Gosh! Get ready for such a natural yet profound perceptual inner awakening and knowing that you have that within yourself!

Retreat Closed due to COVID (email for special emergency arrangements)

 PLEASE SEE NEW ONLINE OPPORTUNITIES!  and Stay In Touch to know when (and where) the next In-Person Retreats will resume in 2021