The People's Pandemic-Prepared Pantry


I have created this FREE home-health aid for any who would like to download and use it as your own home guide.


The booklet includes what I at this time consider the most essential home items to have for myself at home to boost immunity and treat the onset of the coronavirus should I need. 


I have published direct links to the products I bought for our pantry. I hope this will help those who just want a quick /easy way to feel more prepared...or to use as a guide for continuing your own research and selection


( .PDF file format is very universal but very hard to read on small devices.)


Universal - Most all computers with Acrobat

(difficult to read on small devices) 

Good on small devices as well as desktop

Good on small devices as well as desktop

CORONAVIRUS. At this time YES I am still seeing limited clients. Please check for updates.  


NOTE: All retreats offer you your own separate sanitized housing on our spaceous, low traffic 3 clients/month property. We both work from home.  In your retreat we will need meet in personal sessions for several hours each day in the (ventilated) Meditation Hut. 


Anyone who feels they might have contracted the virus, or is unwell or worried of contracting the virus is requested to stay home and we will schedule another time.   


(Feel free to EMAIL ME with any questions and take good care of yourself and others.)


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Thank you for taking just a moment to share this information with someone you know who is searching 

spirituality home tool guide book with exercises on self healing, personal growth and finding your life purpose
"...on par with author Eckhart Tolle. Both are incredible spiritual teachers of our time..."  - Wendy (Amazon Review)

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