Private Home Mentoring Programs

I offer private one-on-one individualized mentoring to those seeking the mirroring help of a deeply grounded and established healer/teacher - one who will help guide you to finding and following your own inner truth, path and soulful purpose in life.   This kind of mentoring is rare and it is for those seeking the very depths of what a life well and truly lived means and requires. You will be guided through the pathways of self-healing from old wounds, blocks and traps of the mind into the inner awakening art of finding and following your Soul's path of purpose in everyday, real life (as it changes, surprises and won't be controlled).


I offer this level of personalized to those who are deeply called to healing and to honoring their unique gifts, which always come out of the places we have been most stuck or deeply wounded ...when rightly guided through the traps and tricks of these stop gates.  The work we do together is a spiritual awakening, in life action.  It is for those who are ready and called to an inner journey of self-reflection, growth, and creative acts of honoring each next evolving path as it presents itself. In this way, the journey becomes simply a love affair with the movement of life - and what it takes to listen and follow the inner "road less traveled". When this is understood, life becomes meditation, and meditation becomes peace, and peace becomes the simply honoring of just the next right thing of life on the move... And that becomes the Art of Soul.

I hold this kind of life-changing relationship with the greatest of respect.  I do not work with all who ask. What I do offer is that any one who is considering working with me, step in first by offering me your  "Self-Introduction to Work with Me". This will help both of us to see if this is the right relationship and time.  I offer you to reflect, consider and write me back your "self-introduction to work with me"  as a way of guiding you from the very get-go to finding your own truth and place of vulnerable wondering.  So from the beginning I am letting you start from where you are so that we will be following that!

Below please find:


  1.  An overview of the basic mentoring plans and prices I've put into place (open to modification when appropriate). 

  2. Policy Disclosures, Responsibilities & Suggested Reads

  3. Sending me your "Self-Introduction to Work with Me"


To me, there is no more noble quest than to discover what it truly means and asks of each one of us, to truly live. To me there is no greater service than to help another to find her and his own inner way.  And so for me, I will help you from this very start by asking you to reflect on the questions I ask you in the Self-Introduction Form and if/when the time is right to work with me, to submit your self-reflections to me so that I may respond in kind.





Best suited to those starting their mentoring with me, or those who want to see how they do over a 90 day self-commitment before stepping into a 1 year guided self-study program.


  • Home Preparation Packet

  • Ongoing Email Connections;

  • Weekly Guided SoulArts Practice (by phone, email, zoom and suggested resources);

  • 3 Monthly 2hr "Virtual Retreats". 

  • Pre and Post Assessment, Feedback, and Forward Moving Calling


Time required of you:  4 hours/week (minimum) + as much more as you're called to give to your journey; 

Price Total: $635 (or $250/month x 3 if paid monthly)

Added:  Additional Phone Session Requests - $175 /80 minute sessions.

MENTOR II:  12-Month Guided & Focused Self Study

Best suited to those who have worked with me in the past and are able to take their own lead while having the backup support as needed while on the path of self-mastery and independent growth.


  • Mainly by email and self-focused study 

  • Pre and Post Assessment, Feedback, and Forward Moving Calling

Time required of you:  4 hours/week (minimum) + as much more as you're called to give to your journey; 

Price Total: $180/month (set up as monthly retainer)

Added:  Additional Phone Session Requests - $175 /80 minute sessions.

Added:  1/2 Day Personal Retreat (in person or via Zoom) - $650

MENTOR III:  Guided Home Virtual Retreat SOLO

Best suited to those who are not able to travel to Ojai for a personal guided retreat intensive with Ronda, but who prefer a private one-on-one guided counseling retreat without others.


(Basically this is the SOLO Retreat Adapted to you doing at your own private place.)

Home Preparation Packet

Retreat Preparation Packet

2-Day/Night Personal Guided Retreat with Morning and Early Eve Sessions with Ronda by ZOOM

Pre and Post Assessment, Feedback, and Forward Moving Calling

2 Weekly Email or Phone Check Ins After the Retreat

Time Required of You:  1 Full Day with 2 Half Days and 2 Nights of Self-Love-Guided Healing & Insight
Approximately 8-10 Hours of Private Time with Ronda in Session and Pre-Post Email

Price Total: $1600  

* Payment (or Deposit) Confirms your Retreat and Secures your Dates. 


Retreat Tuition is due in full, 30 days prior to your retreat (policy below). Please contact me by email if you need other payment arrangements.


If you prefer to pay by PERSONAL CHECK please make PAYABLE TO: Ronda LaRue ~ 703 Tico Road, Ojai, CA 93023   (Your reservation isn't secured until the deposit is received.)


Once you have made your payment, you will automatically receive an e-mail welcome pack including a short home prep that will empower your retreat. (Please white list any e-mail from and (Please check your spam box if you don't receive this e-mail or notify me.)

I look forward to our soulful connection and to serving that which is ready to come into greater fullness in your life through this retreat apprenticeship process together!

ronda larue

SEE RETREAT FAQ for closest airports, directions, preparation, etc.

Your privacy is always protected. I will NOT share your e-mail or any other private information unless you expressively give permission (such as testimonials granted or where materials shared are clearly anonymous). Anything you share with me in private will remain unidentified that way unless you give permission otherwise, or, in the special case where I may be bound by professional ethics to intervene for your own or another's physical safety (such as danger to self or others). See Online Privacy Compliance

You are responsible for appropriate care and judgments concerning your own physical and emotional wellbeing with regard to signing up for any of my programs of apprenticeship and spiritual self-realization facilitation. If you are under the care of a physician or taking medications for emotional or physical conditions, be sure to check with your attending physician and notify me of conditions I may need be apprised of for your own safety or the wellbeing of others. I am available to talk with your physician or therapist  if need be and I strongly request that you respect yourself and me and this work by taking full responsibility for your own wellbeing and in determining if you are in shape and ready for this spiritual inner self realization work. If you are in doubt, please let me know in your application process and we will discuss.

Cancellation Policy: 
Deposit secures your dates. Full final payment is due 30 days prior to your retreat. (Please contact me for alternative payment plan if needed and I'll work with you as best I can.) If you cancel your retreat 30 days before your first day of retreat, you will be refunded 85% of the money you have paid (less 15% admin and paypal costs). If you cancel within 30 days of the start of your retreat, the retreat is non-refundable unless I am able to fill your space, in which case 85% of the money you have paid will be refunded to you. We may also elect to reschedule you for a future date. If I must cancel for any unexpected reason, you will be refunded your retreat fees paid in full.  Your travel costs are never reimbursed by SoulArts and trip insurance (many online sources) is suggested.

DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN INSURE YOUR TRIP IN THE EVENT OF NECESSARY CANCELLATION? For those who would like to insure your retreat trip with a cancellation policy, I am told this online site is good to work with: (I have had Access America and Travel Guard recommended to me, but I have no personal experience or connection with them



"...on par with author Eckhart Tolle. Both are incredible spiritual teachers of our time..."  - Wendy (Amazon Review)
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