The Art & Soul of Self Healing:

A Women's 3-Night Personal Retreat Special



Ojai, California

(Each Retreat is Limited to Only 4-6 Women!) 

Finding the Treasures within your Wounds

Turning Self Doubt into Pathways of Freedom

Stopping Anxiety from Overthinking Analysis

Honoring Life as a Spiritual Journey

Sharing your Unique Gifts with the World

Retreat Closed due to COVID (email for special emergency arrangements)

 PLEASE SEE NEW ONLINE OPPORTUNITIES!  and Stay In Touch to know when (and where) the next In-Person Retreats will resume in 2021


women's healing silent meditation retreat for women at center for soul arts with teacher Ronda LaRue in Ojai California
...a Magical 3 Night In-Residence Guided Personal Meeting with your Soul!

Nature.   Silence.   Art.   Fire.   Spa.   Nourishing.   Self-Connection.   Healing.    Breakthrough.   Inspired Rest.     Wonder.     Inner Wisdom.    Guided Meditation.  Real.   Grounded.    Mysterious.     Simplicity.      Freedom.    Life Purpose Awakening.

2021 Women's Group Dates


* This depth teaching is designed for radical healing breakthrough and lasting life transformation with a take home path for honoring soul.

For additional personalized options. NOTE:  Dates for the Private Individual SOLO or the Private Couples 2-Night Marriage Retreat offer dates year-round based on application and availability.

Coronavirus NOTE: 

All retreats offer you your own separate sanitized housing on our spaceous, no traffic but 3 clients/month home. We both work from home.  In your retreat we will however need to meet in personal sessions for several hours each day in the (ventilated) Meditation Hut.  Anyone who feels they might have contracted the virus, or is unwell or worried of contracting the virus is requested to stay home and we will schedule another time.     (Feel free to EMAIL ME with any questions and b be well.)

healthy food for healing and wellness at ojai soularts retreats with Ronda
women's healing and spiritual awakening at center for soularts in Ojai California
women's healing retreat intensive at private home with spiritual teacher ronda larue, Ojai California
expressive art and creativity meditation retreat for women at Center for Soul Arts with ronda larue in Ojai California USA
soul arts healing from early chilhood abuse and trauma at soul arts spiritual retreats in Ojai CA with healer ronda larue

WELCOME to this magical 3 Night in-residence retreat with Your Soul!  


It is my greatest honor to share this unique self-healing and awakening retreat process for releasing your True Self and unique path of purpose from the places where you have most struggled in life.  Over the decades I have seen time and time again that the places we most struggle in life hold the key to our greatest wisdom and gift! 

Many women come with issues of grief and loss, early abuse and trauma, family stress overload and fear; and a deep yearning desire to finally heal old patterns, calm the mind, discover the gifts embedded within one's core life wounds, and return home with an artful and personal spirituality for living awareness and soul honoring direction in everyday real life...for the rest of your life.

I can confidently say to you this:

In your 3-Night guided intensive experienced here, I literally take you into your own personal self-healing and awakening journey as you are nourished in a safe nature haven.

You will leave this retreat with a fundamentally new understanding about the meaning of life, and with your own way of using the artful home tools I have developed for following your soul's path in everyday real life ...for the rest of your life! This is my pledge to all who are ready for healing breakthrough.

These 3-night women's healing spiritual retreats are limited to only 4-6 women each retreat so that ultimate personal growth and life awakening breakthrough can be experienced. 


What is so truly unique about these women's retreat intensives is the safe-haven realness of this self healing personal wellness retreat where you will be invited into my Ojai California artisan home to live and work with myself and only a few other women who are here to do the same!  The depth of sharing is astonishing. The spiritual awakening into a playful practice for discovering and honoring your own inner answers is life changing.  And it becomes a creatively easy take home "practice" that you will fall in love with!

A safe haven for private sanctuary for personal soul searching and meditation with ronda larue in Ojai California at her private artisan home

Itinerary At A Glance

DAY 1 (Usually Thursday eve - check dates for occasional differences):  Arrival 3-5pm for opening dinner, session and magical personal night of soul @Ronda's Center for SoulArts Private Home Sanctuary in Ojai, CA

DAYS 2-3 (Usually Friday-Saturday): 7am-9pm - Ongoing Guided Experiential with Ronda. You will be in a deep process with yourself throughout including into the night and times on your own engaging from a guided teaching.

DAY 4: (Usually Sunday) 8am-11am with noon Departure after morning session. 


The Experience 

*Although no words can truly give you what only your own direct experience will


You will arrive at my private artisan home in the late afternoon to settle into your personal space for the next 3 nights. We will share a lovely dinner and then a magical opening Satsang and start into your first night of inner soulfulness. Your first gentle slipping into Night ONE marks an important and significant self-initiation and reconnection to the song of your own soul. It's a beautiful and powerful night!


With progressive morning and afternoon sessions, your own inner artful self-healing awareness organically deepens as you start to learn and apply the creative and playful inner listening SouArts Living Self Awareness Practice that Ronda developed, founded, guides, and teaches you how to find within yourself during this retreat! 


This work with Ronda is an utterly unique and guided experience of being opened to your own self-healing breakthrough; inner wisdom, and spiritual awakening to life purpose.  It is given as a life-changing teaching through direct experience. There are no words sufficient to this level of inner awakening.

You will be guided throughout the process in Ronda's SoulArts Awareness Practice - a symbolic dialogue process using expressive art, Ronda's art studio, music, movement, meditation, the outdoor spa, firepit and other creative amenities as your surprising ceremonial playground for awakening to the art of your soul's own unique voice and genius!  (And EVERYONE is creative ! That is what your True Self is by Nature.. so tell the mind-worry to "just drop it.)

In between sessions, you will be doing the guided inner work on your own... so that when you leave, you know that the answer lies within - and how to find and follow it!  This is not a group retreat. Rather it is a deeply personalized retreat that is shared and inspired by group sessions and satsang meditation arts (or what I call: "The Woman's Way")​

As this retreat progresses, you will find yourself starting to catch your own wonderful inner wisdom as you start to understand the SoulArts tools of symbolic dialogue with Ronda’s ongoing gentle and spontaneous guidance in formal session time, alongside the magical informal synergy that occurs when this kind of deeply sacred space is opened and shared in-residence like this.


You will see the connection between the world’s spiritual texts and teachings (if you have studied them) and you will understand the places talk therapy has tried to reach but couldn’t ever quite get to (and why not)!

By the second evening most women are stunned by a budding new consciousness and intrigued with new hope and surprise at their own new creative ways for mining and harvesting rich insight, peace and clarity!


You will become meditative mind, seated in your soul, with an “eyes wide open” awareness cast upon the antics of the overthinking ego-mind and your specific subconscious conditioning.  You will awaken to a new creative space of self-healing playfulness and life honoring aliveness. 



On our final morning we will more intentionally be clarifying your own personalized home paths to follow for the next months dealing and with the full array of mind, body, spirit, vocation, and interpersonal relationships that are part of real life and an engaged spirituality that is your OWN.

NOTE: Your opening awareness and expansion of perceptual wisdom lives in the real world so you won't do something here that you can't take home and carry on in real life, using real situations as "your art"! This is key to why this process is so authentically life transforming!


You will take home a very playfully-engaging and reverent home tool & mindfulness meditation practice for following your inner wisdom in everyday real life! 


This is the most powerful process I know after a time of training, study and experience for true spiritual awakening.  The only way to know it is to experience this for yourself - within yourself. 

(Although you might enjoy some of the previous participant's comments here - or archived video of women's retreats on my youtube channel playlist here as well.  (Please pardon some older low image quality from "back in the day").  

If you are seeking the answers to self love, inner peace, happiness, life direction - if you want to find your life of purpose - of if you are a professional psychotherapist, physician, or healer and want to deepen your healing offerings, please plan to come to this 2Night SoulArts Women's Personal Retreat.

FOR THOSE INTERESTED IN THE WOMAN'S WAY YEAR LONG APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM: (utilizing these retreats as a progressive package alongside guided home self-study and correspondence with me, please enquire for details.)

the famous "dreaming bed" at ojai Soularts retreat spa for the soul with ronda larue
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Tuition/Pricing (All Inclusive!)*

An in-residence guided retreat apprenticeship, working directly and personally with Ronda LaRue at her artisan home retreat spa and meditation arts studio in Ojai California.

The 3  1/2 Day Women's Healing Retreat Special (All-Inclusive!)*

For the "real deal" seeker of inner  wisdom.

Retreat fees are for the work you will do with me. The reason I offer these private in-residence intensives is that we can go deeper and farther and faster then years of other approaches or canned modalities.  It is truly designed to be life changing and that is why I only offer personalized work in this way.

*INCLUDES: in-depth personal training/counsel in teh SoulArts Living Meditation Practice and direct experience of inner breakthrough, with take home tools, and personal action plan based on your work with Ronda; all meals ("healthy decadent"); overnight accommodations, full use of private retreat spa, meditation, art studio, fire pit & amenities.  


= only $450/Per Night -FOR EVERYTHING!  your room; all meals; meditation spa and private sanctuary grounds; personal healing counsel and guided process; take home tools and plan - all inclusive!) = $1350 -All Inclusive*


*NOTE: EarlyBird Pricing - 40 Days+ in Advance

(Applied at Checkout if Applicable)

Very exclusive. Please REGISTER/PAY early to secure your space (ONLY 4-6 women in this highly personalized in-residence retreat for women!).

That's only $450/night for everything:  personal accommodations, all meals, full use of art studio, meditation cottage, sauna/spa on this private artisan sanctuary alongside your  in-depth personalized guided experience of Ronda's unique SoulArts home tool for self-healing breakthrough and following your inner wisdom in everyday real life...for the rest of your life!  This intensive is designed to give you the tools to transform your life and mature into  your next path of purpose!! 

To those seeking to heal your wounds, discover your unique inner wisdom a and path of purpose, and awaken to a life of honoring love, I invite an look forward to receiving your request to enter this spiritual retreat with me!



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