Couples Clean Communication Meditation Practice
A Guided 90-Day Decision Making Personal Mentoring​

for Couples at a Crossroads


When marriage crisis is really a calling to the next playing field of self-growth, mature wisdom, and the true loving artistry.

Matt & Ronda: Then....                           ... And Now

  • Couples Clean Communication Meditation Practice (TM).  Offering series of guided private one-on-one phone sessions in the art of learning, applying and deepening the self-growth journey of Couples Communication Meditation Practice: The most powerful tool I know for self-healing insight, personal responsibility and growth, and clarity for together honoring truth and new directions (together and apart).  This program is offered by request and after having met or spoken together to ascertain readiness and appropriateness.  Please reach out to Ronda for more.


Ronda LaRue offers a very novel approach to couples counseling, marriage relationship healing, personal growth and awakening. Beyond “talk therapy”,  her couples work is revolutionary in its life-changing individual healing approaches, with specific and individually-tailored take home tools.  Today people contact Ronda from all over the world to experience individual clarity, healing, new direction and communication together in marriages facing crisis, loss, infidelity, or other crossroads of stagnation. 

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Series of informational videos, interviews, and testimonials from couples who have worked with Ronda.

  • Helping couples better understand psychological patterns from early wounds, conditioning, and subconscious blind spots that create colliding unconscious reactions and dysfunctional triggers in most marriages at some point along the way;

  • Helping individuals take an empowering self-responsibility for understanding the role and roots of projection/blame and entering into their own personal self-healing journey of growth and self-realization; and

  • Serving how to break through and awaken to the miracle that lays on the other side of relationship crisis (in those where both couples are ready and able -from the inherent disillusionment and end-cycle of “1st Level Secular Marriage” where old patterns and unconscious reactions collide and trigger until something – or someone – blows … (“He’s not meeting my needs” “Whatever I do for her is never enough” “We just lost the feeling” )

  • When 1st Level Secular Marriage has lived its lifecycle and/or has blown up through an acting out, loss of respect, infidelities, feelings of betrayal confounded resentments and confusion, there is a new potential in that mess for both people:


  • There is a calling to discovery – to looking and seeing if their may be a new next level of maturity and love in the marriage – or to at the least, harvest the lessons learned and honor love by parting with care for self and one another. (We have even had couples – myself included in my former marriage – who created a divorce ceremony and reception with close family and friends to share the honorable departure from marriage.  This kind of conscious care and responsible integrity creates a maturity of love-in-action that will attract a whole new love capacity.)

  • In many cases, if the old cycle is truly tended, and the old marriage patterns are symbolically released, it becomes the catalyst for a whole new level of love journey for the couple in their marriage… and then they enter onto a path of growing in love and marriage together in ways never before imaginable…   That’s the best of the best.


  • Byron Katie – – Clean – simple modality for seeing blindspots and projection …and then learning how to clear them up. – Many good free online resources and tools. Everyone should do this simple process – and watch your stories start to peel away so what is real can start to find you…


  • Robert Glover – No More Mr Nice Guy – good book, VERY MISLEADING TITLE. Recommended to most all men who come to retreat – any who feel caught up in an ineffectual pleasing/resentment cycle of loss of self and who sincerely seek to see something very potent in this read that could very well change their own life as well as helping stop dysfunctional patterns with the ones they love. It’ll surprise you. It even applies to those who have “acted out” in many cases.


  • Book: Stop Walking On Eggshells – Understanding when there may be a personality disorder inhibiting real relationship (request reading prior to retreat if in doubt or google here with careful caution and merely for self-educating inquiry)





Ronda offers a recap intended for former couples clients who have participated in a PRIVATE COUPLES RETREAT INTENSIVE and would like to review the proper application of the SoulArts Couples Council as trained/experienced in retreat together. 


A Review/Recap of The “Soul-IT” Way of Couples Counsel for Healing & Clarity (25 minutes) AUDIO ONLY