• Ronda LaRue

The People's Pandemic-Prepared Pantry


Dear SoulArts Friends, I have created this FREE home-health aid for any who would like to download and use it as your own home guide. The booklet includes what I at this time consider the most essential home items to have for myself at home to boost immunity and treat the onset of the coronavirus should I need.  I have published direct links to the products I bought for our pantry. I hope this will help those who just want a quick /easy way to feel more prepared...or to use as a guide for continuing your own research and selection I researched, compiled, edited and published this working booklet as fast as my fingers and brain could go ... things are moving so fast.  I managed to get it all done in 4 days (ahh just like the old grad school days... So pardon the typos - as my prof back in the day would not :) I hope it will provide you with some comfort for having your fingers on a practical home treatment and immune-boosting empowerment as well as some "food for thought' on how you and we and each of us may be called to change our perspective and relationship with earth, power, and a world family. The booklet is about 30 pages (depending upon the reader you use) and very practical. 

Big Blessings in this time of REAL CHANGE!....

With Love,