• Ronda LaRue

Healing from Childhood Trauma & Abuse

Continuation The Healing Power of Creativity Part III…

Special Real Life Stories Contribution this Issue: Early Childhood Abuse and the Healing Power of Creativity,

by Sharon Hawkins

An Introduction by Ronda:

You will read in this issue’s Real Life Stories, the beautifully tender, witty and vulnerable writing of kindred soul and client, Sharon Hawkins, who shares with us her own experience with the healing power of creativity during a recent retreat in which she unblocked a lifetime of suffering which resulted from early childhood abuse, and so reclaimed her freedom, power, and Self-authority.

I’m so grateful to Sharon for her open-hearted willingness to share this experience with you. Even if we’ve not experienced the horrific traumatic suffering of childhood abuse like so many in our culture have, we can each identify with her story through other areas of our lives that have caused much strife and a kind of wounding that, against our best efforts, seems to continually crop up in our lives and show themselves by way of withheld intimacy, fear, addictions, and less than positive self esteem.

Many of us suffer all our lives with deep scars and protective barriers that keep us from being fully able to love, forgive or trust ourselves or others.

It doesn’t have to be this way!