• Ronda LaRue

Healing from the Death of a Loved One

Healing Grief & Trauma, Part II (2006)

A Very Personal Example of the Healing Power of Creativity: The Death of my Husband

I awoke this morning with the feeling that I should share with you this very personal experience of the healing power of creativity.

Two weeks ago my husband, with whom I had recently separated yet remained deeply connected, unexpectedly died of a sudden heart attack at the age of 59.

For any of you who have suffered the inconceivable inner confusion and myriad conflicting emotions that accompany the sudden death of a loved one, you know how deeply painful is the suffering. There was the torrent of tears and the memory flashbacks, and the attempts (over and over) to understand from the mind what can only be accepted in the soul.

I hosted a public memorial for him, and scores of friends came and spoke and we shared together the sense of our loss and a celebration of his life. Still, I felt the need to offer my own private ceremony in honor of his amazing man, our many years together, and his most unusual life. And, perhaps as much to the point, I still needed to face and meet the many conflicting feelings that arose around the circumstances of our life together, our divorce, and now the finality of his unexpected death.

I share with you what I did in private, as an honoring act of conscious light put onto what the darkness of my mind couldn’t fathom, because the process I invoked demonstrates a good example of the healing power of creativity.

When we talk of the healing power of creativity, we’re not just talking about art-making! We’re talking about a life orientation that co-creatively participates in life’s constantly changing and surprising circumstances, by very actively meeting and using these circumstances to find and reclaim a deeper wholeness through co-creative expression and engaging participation with life’s realities.

In fact “healing’ isn’t really the accurate word… “reclaimed wholeness” is.