• Ronda LaRue

Healing Grief & Trauma with Soul Arts (Part I)

Part 1 of 3 Part Series
Ronda LaRue

Not only does this article topic reflect the core transformational approaches and methods I use in private retreat intensives and counsel, but it reflects what I have found after a lifetime of sacred inquiry and psychological study to be the amazing “seed power” for growing life crisis, searching confusion, and spiritual angst into true inner clarity, healing wisdom, and life transformation!

By use of the word creativity here, I am not speaking of doing art projects or some leisurely act of aesthetic expression. I’m talking about creation itself; how we create, change, transform, manifest, work with the materials of our lives in a way that is consciously alive and vibrantly empowered to heal, transform, and enliven.

Creativity (when you really look into it) is actually who and what we are at our very core! We are constantly creating – either consciously (with awareness of what we are creating), or on autopilot (where we simply create from old repeated habits and pre-conditioning).

And herein is the secret Power of Creativity:

If we want to live fulfilled lives, ones that are blessed with an inner contentment, peace and authenticity — well then, we have to learn how to become conscious of what we are creating by way of our beliefs, our thoughts, our words, and our actions.

When we become consciously creative in our beliefs, our thoughts and our actions, then we naturally become Self-Full-Filled (whole, healed) by reclaiming our power and birthright as master artists of our lives.

To heal, to reclaim our power, and to discover our wholeness, requires breaking free of our own areas of “darkness”; it requires breaking free of the unconscious blind spots that keep us repeating old patterns that no longer serve Life’s bigger urge for freedom and authenticity.