• Ronda LaRue

Here's How Healing Happens

I share here the experiences of life healing in a small group spiritual retreat - Yes, It IS Possible!...

This weekend like many others, I watch, as a small group of women arrived, feeling noticeably a bit awkward, expectant, hesitant …not knowing what to expect, afraid they will not be able to break free of the struggles and fears that keep them from feeling whole — tired of the burden of negative self-talk and afraid that they will not ever find their life direction or let go of old self-doubt, fears or regrets that stand in the way.

Here’s the beautiful miracle: Only 24 hours from when we began, I listen and watch, as each person makes that one little mammoth quantum leap and perceptual shift of seeing insight!

As it dawns on each face, the group becomes very silent, rendered speechless and in awe of something so delicate and so strong.

A lightness of being comes on the face of each person (who only a day prior had tight tears from loss of hope).

The shift is palpable in the vibrant stillness. It cannot be explained. No words come close to what is being realized.

And so we sit together in a holy and cleansing opening that each person recognizes as a moment potentized with living transformation- a true awakening; a crossroad, crossed. Each now awakens to the mystery of paradox.

Each now knows something fundamental: that “the issues” aren’t gone away ..but that they are simply “not the issue”! Something much bigger is at hand…