• Ronda LaRue

PART I: Keys to Finding a Spiritual Teacher Who is the Real Deal

Spiritual Guidance Series (PART I)

by Ronda LaRue


The answer you find after considering this article may surprise you…

A mature healer or spiritual mentor/guide is very important for each of us at certain key times along the path of living and growing in our true purpose, passion and power. There are times in the journey of living where life inevitably takes us through difficult passages into a dark night of soul; times of seemingly insurmountable sufferings, confusion, betrayal, and utter personal hopelessness.

The death of a loved one, change of heart of a spouse, a “terminal disease”, a dreadful injury, confusion and crisis, deep spiritual longing, These are the most miserable and dangerous times of our lives. And they are also the call to a fundamental insight of Self that makes the human spirit come alive in its beauty of our sacred purpose and artistry of wholeness….if we’re graced in our searching…

Seeking spiritual assistance at times in our lives of great hurt, confusion, or “dead-end” paralysis, is an important first key to healing and deepening insight. The act of asking, itself makes a powerful and implicit statement of commitment and courage to the universe and to your inner awaiting Self! “Ask and it shall be given”. Asking is an invocation of intention and it hastens to you the mysterious journey we each are called to make: The journey of living our life according to its fullest truth.

How do we find a spiritual mentor, healer or guide in this e-commerce-crazed culture? With thousands of new web sites entering the world wide web every day, and no watchdog (Ha! I accidentally just typed “with no watch-god” ) to monitor the claims or practices of what anyone can start as a business and hang out as their virtual shingle, how are you to know who is substantial and who merely a good claims-marketer? This is true of any service or product purchased over the Net today, but the concern becomes more personally critical when one is suffering and seeking true spiritual guidance and good reliable healing resources.

With the many thousands of people proclaiming themselves spiritual healers, life coaches, and mentors, and the confusing array of modalities, claims and promises, it can quickly seem both overwhelmingly confusing and disempowering. It can quickly feel impossible to separate who and what is real from those offering cleverly pumped-up marketing hype with insubstantial promises. I know I’ve felt this way, and particularly when I’ve been in moments of real health