• Ronda LaRue

PART II: Marriage Crossroads & Childhood Triggers

Couples Relationship Healing (Part 2): Marriage Relationship... and the Wizard of Oz Allegory

“There's no place like home.” ― The Wizard of Oz

[This is part 2 of a 3-part article]   

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Neuroscientists’ today estimate that over 95% of all our behaviors arise from internalized unconscious beliefs. This is how strong the unconscious programming is in our life – and why spiritual inner work and the art of having an examined life is essential to healing one’s self, and to reclaiming our humanity of spirit.

Because we, in our early state of consciousness and ego development, react automatically from early childhood conditioning, we are not even aware that programming is running our thoughts, feelings, reactions and choices in most ways most of the time.  We think – we believe –that we are conscious.

What we conceive as our awareness (and what we often misperceive as “being present”) is actually just our surface buy-in of the attitudes and personalities of our self-protecting masks. These masks, these protecting persona are what keep us split off from our heart’s own deeper truth – and from that illusive “authentic self” that has gained so much seeking in the new age literature today.

And, you know what? Here’s part of the trickiness:

It’s actually a good and kind service that the emerging little ego does for us when we first encounter a “danger, not safe” inevitable sense in early life. Our very own “early inoculation systems” – aka the emerging ego – sets up an ingenious protection mechanism in which to hide and protect the innocent heart …until it is safer and ready to come out. (Please note the “until” here!)

Problem is: We become id