• Ronda LaRue

PART I: Marriage Crossroads as Path of Healing

Couples Relationship Healing (Part 1): When Confusion & Crisis Are Partners in Breakthrough

“There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” – Leonard Cohen

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[This is part 1 of a 3-part article]

I work with couples in crisis – loss of connection, loss of trust, betrayal, affairs, addictions, loss of communication. I also work with individuals seeking inner peace, self-love, and a renewed hope in life.  This is not a career I’d intended! …But the nature of my soul – and life’s own unfolding experiences – led me to this, the expression of my true gift. What a blessing.

And what a miracle too: to discover the awakening art of breakthrough into one’s creative and authentic being …and then to be given the gift of showing others their own way to this spiritual awakening and artistry of being!

Couples in Crisis Or Healing Breakthrough?

So when a woman or man reaches out to me from a state of utter despair, and wondering if there is any one last hope for their frayed marriage, I am present to an odd mixture of feelings:

I feel sadness that we live in a culture that fails to teach us about the real nature of love; inner self-reflection; and the natural self-healing that arises through honest “eyes wide open” dialogue.