• Ronda LaRue

PART III: The Relationship of Working with a Spiritual Teacher-Healer

Spiritual Guidance Series (PART III)

by R. LaRue

So many people give themselves away in their misguided attempts to “get it” from a spiritual teacher or guru or religion. The induction into a remembering “Who you really are” through relationship to a teacher or a teaching or a religion requires a very fundamental honesty and intimacy within yourself. It all starts there -and from there, the miracle of a teacher is boundless…

All my life, when it came to teachers, gurus, and group processes, “I had a tude” as they say, I was all against it. These things were antithetical to my belief that all there is to know is within. I still believe this. But I’ve found there is a role and a reason for a teacher. It has to do with surrender (not of one’s self to the teacher) but of one’s self to the One Self. It has to do with setting in motion the seed of your Souls’ calling. It is a form of prayer and a form of worship really. But again, it is not worship of the guru (as is often mistaken). It is worship and communion in the dynamic revelation of the relationship between self to God (or of the Lover to the Beloved, to put it another way).

While I’ve read devotional books by devotee’s toward various teachers – and always felt a little (well, worse than) sad at their projecting onto another what can only truly be known within one Self — I’ve had a change of heart. I’ve come to see that there are times in one’s journey that it is crucial to have spiritual support. And there is a relationship to these times that requires both devotional respect as well as every shred of inner wisdom and maturity one can bring to bear. I’ve come to see that there is not a giving over of me to a teacher – or even that I need necessarily agree with or approve of some behaviors or imbalances I will surely see in the other if he allows himself to be honestly seen. There is a deeper current in this mentoring relationship – it requires a foundation of human honesty and deep personal faith in, and devotion to, the mystery of spiritual intention invoked through relationship.

It is very hard to put accurately into words this kind of relationship. But it is important. So many people give themselves away in their misguided attempts to get it from a teacher or guru or religion. If one’s sense of Soul is fairly well grounded already, a relationship to a mentor/teacher can accelerate the prayerful intent of Soul. If one does not have that grounding and/or if the teacher is not yet fairly well stabilized in his or her Soul, well then, all sorts of havoc can (and most usually does) arise. Both Souls can become lost in diversions of power and ego and false gods for a long long time.

The induction into a remembering of Who you