• Ronda LaRue

What a Personal Healing Retreat Can Do!

The Healing Synergy of Spiritual Retreat

When the time is ready, the student appears — as teacher! …and healing miracles unfold!

Four years ago, I began offering a special birthday retreat each year that is not an income generator for me, but rather my way of celebrating and honoring my life and calling as a spiritual mentor and guide. And each year I am blessed again with the magical surprise, sense of awe, and deep admiration for those vulnerably brave spiritual warriors who courageously come to this breakthrough SoulArts Process.

At each retreat, I find that there is a special gift — totally unanticipated — that shows itself and carries it’s own mysterious way.

This year and this last retreat was no exception.

What I offered as my annual birthday retreat this year (I thought!) was aimed toward a more luxurious spa cleansing retreat (complete with green smoothie and master cleanse, healing mineral baths, daily yoga, meditation, and private moonlit nights around the fire with Moroccan lanterns and music wafting through the air).

...It turns out that it was all of that – and more:

As all retreats where the energy of the moment is followed rather than some prescribed script, this retreat revealed a profoundly healing, holistic, and life-transforming awakening for everybody in the group.

It is always beautifully heartwarming to me to sit in sacred circle for the first time together on the first night, and as a new group of total strangers step vulnerability into the sharing of their deepest heart’s longing, struggles, and questions.