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Thank you for reaching out!

This page will give you more in-depth information about this utterly unique personalized marriage and relationship private couples retreat.

Please take a look at the details below and share this info with your partner.

Of Note: Often one partner spearheads this search, and it's not uncommon for one partner to be more uncertain or "reluctant" to go on an introspective retreat.

Ronda LaRue-Clements, MS with Mattawe Clements, RIA

The Art of Marriage as a Spiritual Path of Healing and Growing Together

​...That's pretty natural, and I encourage a phone conversation with me after both have read and discussed this unique offering, and to help each person gain his/her own more direct and personal feel for me as well as how we relate etc.


I can also say that men in particular are often relieved to find me nothing like a traditional therapist nor do I side toward the feminine. And Matt's participation is often very helpful to the women and the men both for gaining helpful insight into patterns, themes and commonalities between the sexes.* 

TWO PRIVATE COUPLES RETREAT OFFERINGS (although every private retreat is completely personalized to your very specific and unique situation, relationship, and personality)

* MARRIAGE IN DISTRESS: For those entering here with issues and feelings of anger, betrayal, resentment or guilt, please see my Note on: Infidelity, Emotional Affairs and The Big Issues (below) as well as viewing some of the video on the marriage playlist on my YouTube Channel.

* MARRIAGE AS SPIRITUAL JOURNEY: For those coming for growth and tools for marriage/partnership as a spiritual journey, this is the cornerstone of all of my work and the most powerful application I know of because we are living what we share with you and do nothing that is canned. It is all about awakening to your own path of self-healing, awakening, breakthrough and the couples living mediation process that I believe you will both fall in love with. (Huge "aha")



(subject to flexible shifts as required):

Evening One *Usually Friday

  • Arrival (normally between 3-5pm) The first night is a significant important start.

  • First Depth Session (5:30-7:30 ish)

  • Dinner (served here or some choose to go out this first evening if appropriate to the process)

  • Evening (each will have your own recommended process to engage before our morning session as well as free time for rest, spa, quiet self-reflection)

Day One *Usually Saturday

  • Personal Reflections/Preparation from night before

  • Breakfast/Exercise (8ish normally)

  • Couples Depth Session II (normally approx 3 hours)

  • Reflection Time

  • Lunch

  • Process Work

  • Couples Counsel III (normally approx 3 hours)

  • Reflection Time

  • Dinner

  • Evening Process Individual Work (you will be working but in a very healing way)

Day Two *Usually Sunday

  • Morning Reflections/Preparations for Session

  • Breakfast/Walk/Reflection

  • Individual Counsel Times

  • Couples Counsel IV (Normally 2 hours or combined individual time)

  • Couples Closing Session V (Taking it Home Tools and Individual-Speicifc Plan Map

  • Close normally between 11-12:30

TUITION/COST (All Inclusive)


The Exclusive Private Couple Weekend Retreat Intensive (all inclusive)*


Retreat fees are for the work you will do with me. The reason I offer these private, in-residence intensives is that we can go deeper and farther and faster then years of other approaches or canned modalities.  It is truly designed to be life changing and that is why I only offer personalized work in this way.

*INCLUDES: in-depth personal training/counsel apprenticeship, take home tools, and personal action plan based on your work together with Ronda; all meals, private accommodations, full use of private retreat spa & amenities. 


= $2,600 (Total All Inclusive)*


  • WEEKEND: Friday 3-5pm Start - Sunday 11am Departure

  • MIDWEEK:  Can be arranged when preferred or needed

I am happy to schedule a short phone consultation with one or both of you prior to deciding if this retreat is right for you. Feel free to request more info or to set up a phone consult by email, by phone (text preferred please) or by submitting a short questionnaire which has a few questions to help me respond to you more personally and quickly. 

* (Not included is your travel to/from the retreat and any miscellaneous incidentals you may elect to do while here. See Informed Consent and Cancellation Policy on the Retreat FAQ page.)​















The whole retreat here is artisan comfort and charm. While not elegant, it is a "quintessential Ojai" unique artisan property and magical natural setting.


Both Matt and myself are seasoned professionals who love the "gentleman farmeresque" naturalness of this unique oak-studded property and it's taste of just a little wildness in the middle of the Ojai community. It intentionally takes you out of your normal "MO" and into a sense of outdoor-ish adventure with some nice artful "posh' to it. (Think: "vision quest with comfort and artisan charm".)*

I most always recommend you each have your own separate place to stay here even if you choose to "rendezvous'. It helps center each person to their own soul first. Your private sleeping spaces are separate from our house; they are cozy, comfy and have all the creature comforts in a "glamour-glamping" private wooded sanctuary beside the outdoor spa and fire pit:   i.e., you choose


  1. a small adorable hand-painted fully equipped nicely designed camper with sitting deck in the woods by the spa; 

  2. or the little nearby "Casita" tucked along the barranca with it's own outdoor "Zen" shower and bathroom - also nearby the spa area. *Both are like a cozy home in a nature spot.

All meals are provided ("healthy and inspired toward gourmet") and you are guests at our private property - here to enjoy this unique "very Ojai" retreat with meditation hut, yoga gazebo, fire pit, sauna, hot tub, art studio etc. 

Most all people come specifically to work with me for what I am uniquely able to offer - so there's a kind of "graciousness" in coming into our private home. 

We have been blessed to meet many awesome worldly professionals who have been both deeply touched and thrilled with this process.*  

*(This process is an awesome, utterly unique and wonderfully personalized level of attention, deep care, and opening to truth. If one of you feels called and the other not, I invite you to please consider the individual offerings. Those who feel they need "high amenity" or that this is a "commodity" are better suited to a very different kind of retreat over this deeply personal inner work.) 

If you are called to this depth of healing, insight, and character growth ...and to gaining a "you-specific" take home plan that will be a path for you to follow and cultivate for the rest of your life, I believe you will feel it when reflecting on this page and the unique lifework mirrored on this website. 


I hope you will watch the youtube video where other couples have shared their experience. Also I am always happy to set up a short phone conversation with one or both of you so you can ask questions and get a more personally direct feel.

We will look forward to mentoring and sharing in the only way that truly works: by shining a light onto your own truth, heart, and way.. and then giving you some tools for growing in your capacity to live it fully - together, or by lovingly giving to one another your separate ways.


In Service to your Clarity and Truth lived with Honor,

Ronda LaRue, M.S.
with Mattawe P. Clements. RIA


Feel free to request more info or to set up a phone consult by email, by phone (text preferred please) or by taking this short questionnaire which has a few questions to help me know more about your situation so I can help respond more personally and quickly.

I am happy to schedule a short phone consultation with one or both of you prior to deciding if this retreat is right for you! 

- ronda larue


"After 8-months of psychotherapy leaving us with little hope, we found Soul Arts. In just 48 hours we healed ourselves and our marriage, and discovered an entirely new level of romance, honesty, and vision for our marriage!" - David 

"When working with Matt and Ronda there is never a projection of religious nor ideological beliefs, only pure applied heart intelligence that comes from a lived experience in a sacred and authentically intimate partnership. I have been in conventional therapy with a "marriage counselor" in the past and there is no comparison to the personal awakening that comes with sitting down with TWO highly committed and qualified individuals that know the beauty and value of holding sacred open space for a couple struggling and in crisis."  - Dr. Sandra Beddor

"For the first time in my life, I connected to something that I always sensed was there, but was never able to access. This is beyond words, Ronda, what a beautiful gift... you have opened my eyes. It's as if we have been crawling [in our marriage] and just realized how to stand - and walk and jump and play. Amazing beyond words!" - Amy


Dear Ronda and Matt,

I just want to thank you both for what you do.  I love how personal the experience was.  I appreciate you sharing your experiences. 

My therapist asked me once if there was any couple that I can look up to and say that I admire their relationship.  That was a tough question to answer because although I had people that I knew who have been married for a long time and got a long, I wanted more in a connection and spiritual bond. 

Your relationship is one I can say I admire and hope to have someday soon.  I know I'm on my way but I know I have my own personal work to do. 

After the retreat I feel like I'm headed in the right direction. I'm thankful for the guidance and experience you've given Ryan and I.  It's such a gift.

"Thank you for one of the best experiences of my life". - Joy

MORE Experiences Shared on Ronda's YouTube Channel


"Sometimes all a couple needs is


that one non-judgmental safe place for deep inner reconnecting to self;


the gift of mirroring from someone who has matured in the hard work of relationship;


guidance in moving beyond the mind-traps of "talk therapy" into the very healing foundation of learning to meet and honor one another at a new next phase in Life from a place of highest truth.

A true healing breakthrough arises naturally, when we have the courage and caring to meet from this awakening principle." - ronda

..."What a special gift you are sharing with the fortunate few that cross your path. I was extremely touched by Matt's willingness to share his story of love and commitment to your relationship path - and I am bound and determined to follow this lead as an example for my life. Thank you for a life-changing experience - David B.

"Ronda's work came at a time when my husband and I were in crisis. She helped us to see how our crisis could be seen as a doorway into our wholeness as "individuals" and as a "couple". Her work is magical, gentle, and playful!" - Tracey Huguley


In our experience with hundreds of couples, there is rarely (perhaps never) a unilateral "bad guy" or "the purely wronged one". What there often is, is old unconscious wounds and self protective patterns that have been colliding, hiding and destroying truth - for quite some time; what there often is, is 2 people so wrapped up in busy hectic living that they got caught unaware (and unprepared) for what it takes to stay attuned to truth and changing intricacies of life on the move.

We simply are not taught in our culture about being in true relationship (with ourselves first - and with others out from that center); we're not taught about the art of navigating the changing currents of love and intimacy, hormones and brain chemistry, midlife crisis, and two paths that will sometimes be very misaligned; we're not taught how to be a self-healing self-aware steward of our own soul's truth --- nor how to share that rich landscape of changes and revelations with the one person for whom we are most intimate.

Please know this about us: We have no agenda other than showing you these missing pieces of socio-cultural spiritual self-understanding so that you yourself can find and decide upon what is truly right for you... and from there giving you the most powerful tools we know for truly and honorably sharing what is never easy in life: ...LIFE!

When we say that this is a spiritual retreat, this is our definition of spiritual retreat: helping you find and realign with your deepest truth, and giving you the tools to heal and catch the old egoic patterns and traps that stand in the way of living your True Self before you die.

Those who come, universally say that this goes way beyond what they experienced in "talk therapy". It does! And that is because it is fundamentally aligned to something in you that is beyond the ego-mind-control from which most traditional psychotherapy is fundamentally based and directed. *I suggest my writings for more if you like. Also you may see Ronda's Press Bio and professional background information here.

Because the work we do together is in private and demand has grown quite large, we often have limited immediate openings. As my husband Matt and I both know from our own life together, when relationship breakdowns happen, they often create tremendous stress...And so we do everything we can to fit you in if this process is right for you at this time and if we at all are able.

I highly encourage a short phone conversation with both of you to ascertain appropriateness.  And your Self-Introduction (a short questionnaire) will also help me listen in with you to see if this is the best fit.


SoulArts Couples Private Intensive requests each person's informed willingness to:

  • Let go of "knowing" or "needing" a certain outcome, and so that what is ready and right at this time may truly emerge;

  • Discover new creative ways of cleaning and clearing-out old thought patterns and belief systems;

  • Engage and listen from unconditional awareness (with guidance) and a very powerful depth training in Soul Council for Couples & SoulArts Living Meditation (TM);

  • Directly experience and participate in brand new levels of communication, sharing, life-making - even if the "life-making" takes the form of changing the relationship parameters; and to

  • Enter into a private home with a gracious sense of respect and deep care.*

*(This process is an awesome, utterly unique and wonderfully personalized level of attention, deep care, and opening to truth. If one of you feels called and the other not, I invite you to please consider the individual offerings. Those who feel they need "high amenity" or  "resort like commodity" are better suited to a very different kind of retreat over this deeply personal inner work.) 


"...on par with author Eckhart Tolle. Both are incredible spiritual teachers of our time..."  - Wendy (Amazon Review)
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Thank you for taking just a moment to share this information with someone you know who is searching 

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