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Finding the Treasures within your Wounds

Turning Self Doubt into Pathways of Freedom

Stopping Anxiety from Overthinking Analysis

Honoring Life as a Spiritual Journey

Sharing your Unique Gifts with the World


An Apprenticeship Retreat in the Art of Self Healing Breakthrough& Real Life Spirituality, in Action!



SoulArts and the private (solo) retreat is a tenderly and powerfully guided, 100% YOU, personalized depth training and healing experience for those ready to learn how to use their life struggles, wounds, questions and crossroads as a spiritual life journey into deeper authentic relationship with life. 

In this private mentoring retreat you will learn how to explore the art of finding and following the true genius of your life - for the rest of your life. (Very seriously!)  This is a radically different orientation from traditional counseling "talk therapy" - although some psychological tools will be of use in this process too. It is also more powerful than traditional wellness, spiritual and meditation retreats because you will be the one realizing the connections and invoking the art of inner seeing within yourself (with my guidance).

SoulArts is designed specifically for those seeking to overcome the confusing paralysis of the "fear-driven, overthinking mind" - And for discovering within yourself that you do indeed have the answers within you.

You will learn how to use your current truth of feelings, doubts, worries and circumstances (rather than being used by them) in an artful healing and transformative spiritual awakening. 

You will experience what it feels like to live from awareness using an active and creative living meditation practice as you go about your real life from a new perspective and possibility.​​

The process is gently active. It is engaging. It is surprising.  And yes it takes courage and provides RELIEF! ... And it is connected to the real world. It is the most powerful process I've discovered in a lifetime of study and experience! That's why I truly know "a miracle is coming" when I offer a private (solo) retreat.

I'm so truly blessed to have witnessed hundreds upon hundreds of lives changed by coming here to learn this process. And it is my privilege to offer it to you, if you are indeed ready and called to this self-responsible, artful awakening.


There's only one price you have to be willing to pay to break through -and it's not the $$! ...See if you can inwardly see and realize what it is... '-)​ (wink)

"...The way to awakening and making a quantum next life changing leap is to directly experience the inner landscape of your heart and soul. 


...And then to put into practice the honoring

art of following the soul's pathways in your life over and above the ceaseless chatter and control antics of a mechanistic and fear-directed overthinking mind. 


Discover how to do this, and you will know True Authentic Being in every day real life.


...And that's exactly what I help

YOU see and do!

I look forward to hearing from you

when the time is right."

- ronda larue

RETREAT  SETTING In Magical Ojai California



You will arrive the first day between noon-2pm to begin the first day and very important night process with the right level of "gentle easing in".  We normally meet formally in my private meditation hut each morning and late afternoon for 2+ hours each - and then you will be engaging in the next step of  your awakening process in-between so that we can go as deeply and quickly and appropriately to your own inner readiness allows. We normally spend 12+ hours of formal work together and it becomes progressively deeper to new levels and layers of perceptual self-soul awareness leading to a strong "take home" understanding and living meditation practice for embodying your own wisdom way for the rest of your life (if you keep the playful awakening practice, which most do). You will feel ready and likely very excited to depart on the 4th morning (3-night stay) and we normally close about 11am with your own specific resources for the next 9 months of attention.  Often we begin on a Thursday and end Sunday morning but other options are available.

Sometimes someone will be called off property (to the ocean or mountain or healing massage for example) during the retreat process. Most often though cocooning in and remaining here is the more potent. *We always only follow what it correct to your specific depth process itself. Every moment of this process is a teaching and that never lets up during your entire stay so that you can make the needed perceptual leap to carry through life when you depart.

Simply put: this is a depth training that teaches you how to find (discern), follow (honor) and embody (act) from within your own inner "God consciousness" or inner wisdom in a playfully engaging way in every day real life on the fly.  The teaching becomes an awakening of your path which is why it is so much more powerful than any canned program or protocol can give (although they are often good starters). 


This program is for the mature seeker, ready for the deepest of personal soulful engagement and perceptual awakening (non-denominational and open to all paths of honor and respect.).  It is all-inclusive which includes all personal meals; your own private cabin accommodations separate from the house; access to the outdoor spa/sauna; fire pits; orchard and wooded  grounds; art studio; meditation hut; yoga gazebo. You are intentionally given a safe-haven home environment with artful healing properties and tools in which to discover the genius of  your own path.

TUITION/COST ~ The 3-Night Private Exclusive (All Inclusive)*


Retreat fees are for the work you will do with me. The reason I offer these private, in-residence intensives is that we can go far deeper and farther and faster then years of other approaches or canned modalities.  It is truly designed to be life changing and that is why I only offer personalized work in this way.

$ 925.00 /per day  (ALL INCLUSIVE)  for 3-Night, Private In-Residence Retreat 100% all You! 

= $2775 TOTAL


*INCLUDES: in-depth personal training/counsel apprenticeship, take home tools, and personal action plan based on your work together with Ronda; all meals, private accommodations, full use of private retreat spa & amenities. Excludes travel to/from your retreat and any incidentals you may elect to do on your own, separate from the retreat. Midweek and Weekend Options.

See Informed Consent and Cancellation Policy on the Retreat FAQ page.)​

To get more of a sense of this uniquely personalized and powerful depth process, you can get a pretty good sense perhaps by following this thread -- and or picking out an article or two here -- and/or taking in a talk or video or two here.  The words of those who are departing here after their retreat is really a lovely way to feel into this. Oh - and the Retreat FAQ page may be of interest/resource.


I look forward to working with you if/as the time is right!


...I know the cost can initially seem high for some ...but I'm not playing around. I'm serious about what this is truly offering. This process can save you decades of confusion or simply "not knowing what you don't know" (which is how extraordinary is the art of following  your soul's wisdom).


Also though: The "Art of Breakthrough" Women's Retreat is a great and powerful less costly alternative because it is shared with 4-6 others and not 100% private exclusive. I personally love that retreat... I'm happy to consider with you, which best meets your specific needs and style of being.

It is hard for many to believe that 3 nights will be enough to radically change your life (until you've experienced it yourself!) See Testimonials and YouTube Channel for an idea of what happens in such a short time when it is 100% immersion!

...I have come able to say with confidence that I've never yet worked with someone truly ready for this process who needed more than the 3 1/2 days, and so I rarely recommend staying longer or spending more. Save the extra $ for what you are going to want to create and become and share 6-9 months after this life-changing process!


There are two possible exceptions to this statement: Those who wish to engage in a deep cleanse at the same time; or those seeking to integrate their financial and/or business planning into this retreat. (Please email me directly to discuss these options.)

(And PLEASE! if you simply cannot attend at this time, take advantage of my other offerings including the free audio, video, articles; my books; or the 2-week e-course.

​I hope if your heart calls to you to this private mentoring process with me that you will Submit your Self-Introduction so that I may get back to you.

You'll feel very comfortably natural being here, and enchanted by your soul's own awakening! 


The major tool you will go home with is not something that can be fully expressed:  You will return home knowing how to find and follow the language of your soul, using real life questions and struggles as a form of creative active meditation - on the go in everyday, real life. It's a HUGE "game changer!


But of significant note is the integrated mind/body/spirit depth of study and resources I have to share and that will be specific to you and your needs at this time. 


On the final morning we get pragmatic and bring all these specific tools and recommended resources into a 6-9 month plan of action. 


Your personal take home plan can include a vast array of things across a very holistic set of areas including (for example) possible medical or alternative tests and emerging technologies (brain entrainment, new brain testing, hormone and new research and tools for managing depression, anxiety, etc.; self-study in areas of projection, or archetypal characters that no longer serve you; a study of inner masculine/feminine etc etc etc. 


I am doing the same level of inner soul listening as I am teaching you all the while we are in retreat - and an unexpected synergy, wisdom and needed resources is the natural organic result. You'll see....

The SoulArts Process of Awakening & Living Meditation Practice (TM) as developed by author-teacher, Ronda LaRue, M.S., is founded on the wisdom tradition of direct in-residence apprenticeship with a seasoned mentor/teacher capable of shining a light on your stuck spots and subconscious patterns as the keys to finding and releasing your own inner wisdom.

This uniquely engaging process uses your every day, very real life, experiences and concerns in a playfully profound self-healing and inner awareness practice that Ronda developed over the course of her own significant decades of interdisciplinary study, personal breakthrough experience, and years of helping others as mentor and guide.

Former Guest Comments from these retreats are probably the best way to get a feeling of this powerful life changer as words simply can't express what only inner experience and realization can!



"...on par with author Eckhart Tolle. Both are incredible spiritual teachers of our time..."  - Wendy (Amazon Review)
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