Your Self-Introduction & Request for Mentoring


I'm happy you are taking this moment to introduce yourself to me!

Because I consider our relationship to be in service to the deepest truth of your life, I ask each who wish to work with me, introduce themselves by offering some time to self-reflection using these questions....and then submitting them to me when you feel ready to inquire about entering a mentoring process with me.

I consider my special with relationship to those with whom I work to be the utmost sacred privilege and call to transparency.  It is for this reason that I offer and ask all who are considering working with me take that first signal of stepping in by  giving yourself this little self-reflective time to consider and respond to the questions on the form.

I will use your responses to help "listen in" and to directly respond back to you with any follow up questions I may have, and to to share if I feel this is the appropriate time/place/process for you at this time.  

Thank you for stepping in with a vulnerable self-honesty. I take that very much to heart!  Please don't over think, just dive in from a place of truth.


I look forward to receiving, responding, and meeting with you when the time is right. 


-ronda larue

(Please do feel free to prompt me if you have requested a reply and don't hear back within a few days. I occasionally have missed an email.)

Self Introduction Questions

Private Mentoring with Ronda LaRue


*Strictly Confidential

What program(s) with Ronda most interest you at this time?
Which of these areas are (or have been) significant influences in your life: (Please check all that apply)

Thanks for submitting your Self-Introduction!

I will do my best to get back quickly.  Please feel free to nudge me if I don't get back within a few days - Ronda