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What Makes These Soul Coaching, Self-Awareness Retreats So Life Changing?


This approach to healing, self-awareness, and finding the answers that lie within is different from other teachers, therapists and guides:

The SoulArts Process of mindful inquiry, self-awareness and creative meditation that I have developed is the fastest most powerful way I know - in a lifetime of very extensive study!) - to move beyond the stalemate of fear and into a love affair with your life's true purpose, power, peace and contributions given.

It is a process that is brilliant in it's real world applied spirituality. It engages a simple and playful honoring awareness practice using our daily stories and confused struggles free us from our stories and see beyond the struggle to the path of our life's own unique genius.  The SoulArts guided retreat is an awakening to the language of soul and a mastery of ones life as an art.

I offer a personal experiential journey that is designed to help you set aside the mind's incessant need for "thinking, fixing, solving - just long enough -to actually make that quantum leap and perceptual awakening breakthrough into a whole new level of self-awareness. And this is an awesome experience to realize! 
When this occurs (and it does!) you will know the sense of love and clarity that comes from the only place where true lasting healing and insight dwells... And that is a true self-realization that you will never forget!
Your circumstances may not change overnight, but the way of being with them and using your "real life events" to awaken inner wisdom, heal your heart, and set you on your true path, is the only true and lasting "real" I know! 
...This is what spiritual awareness really is. This is what awakening is. This is what life as meditation is. And this is what living your life as art is...

And this is why I say with all playful seriousness: 


"Come find out for yourself that there is no greater journey than your own!"

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Former Guest Comments

from these retreats are probably the best way to get a feeling of this powerful life changer - as words simply can't express what only inner experience and realization can!

...The way to awakening and making a quantum next leap in life is to directly experience the inner landscape of soul. And then to realize the honoring art of following the soul's pathways in your life over and above the ceaseless chatter and control antics of a  mechanistic and fear-directed mind.


...And that's exactly what I help YOU do.

I look forward to hearing from you when the time is right.

- ronda larue




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