Stay Home Guided Mentoring Retreats For Couples

Finding the Insights within the Wounds
Speaking Truth for One's Own Sake
Stopping the Overthinking Mind to Hear Heart
Honoring Life as a Journey
Finding Clarity and Honoring Decisions

"WAY BEYOND TALK THERAPY" ~ For Couples Seeking a Nurturing Oasis for Deep Looking, Personal Growth & Honorable New Paths 

2 Night Stay Home Guided Couples Mentoring Retreat


Couples Private Intensive

This Highly Guided and Personal Retreat Intensive for Couples is basically the same as the 2 Night Ojai In-Residence Retreat with Ronda that is adapted to online with no travel required.  It is best suited to those who remain in a committed relationship (not in crisis) who are not able to travel to Ojai for a personalized in-residence retreat intensive at this time, but who prefer a 100% personalized and private one-on-one guided counseling retreat without any other people distraction.


  • A personal 2 night Guided SOLO Retreat Intensive, adapted to online Zoom sessions and not requiring travel to Ojai.

  • Home Mentorship Welcome Packet & Confidential Profile

  • Retreat Preparation Packet

  • Free PDF version of my short guidebook:  The Art of Living Your Destiny

  • 2-Day/Night Personal Guided Retreat with Ronda by ZOOM (Private and 100% Personalized)

  • Pre and Post Assessment, Feedback, and 9 Month Action Plan for Each Individual as well as a Couple

  • 2 Email or Phone Check Ins After the Retreat (within 30 days - Additional available "ala carte"

  • Invitation to Join and Participate in the SoulArts Private Support Group Members Online

Time Required of You:  Ability to stay fully immersed for 1 Full Day with 2 Half Days and 2 Nights of Self-Love-Guided Healing & Insight
Approximately 8-10 Hours of Private Time with Ronda and Matt in Session and Pre-Post Email

Price Total: $1600  (Private Stay Home Mentoring Retreat for Couples) 


Please see Ojai Couples Retreat page to get more detail ...and/or request a phone consultation with your Self-Introduction here.

Introductory 60-Minute "Test Drive" Couples Session Available by Request ($135) 

"...on par with author Eckhart Tolle. Both are incredible spiritual teachers of our time..."  - Wendy (Amazon Review)

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