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A Personal Self-Exploration & Guided Program for Putting Your Gift Out Into the World!



Covering the whole picture from "I've no idea..." to developing and/or making over your own online presence, market plan, and offering.

...We will be journeying from Soul-Self Discovery and SoulArts Process of Awareness into the worlds of URL, Hosting, SEO, Analytics, Social Networking, Graphic Design, Event Promotion; Web Design, Virtual Assistants, Product Placement, remaining true to Soul, and much more...

Each Inspired Vocation Mentoring Program is personalized to YOU, and based on an initial 20-minute phone consultation and/or email inventory process, followed up by whichever proposed budget/timing is most appropriate and doable if we are well suited.

Be prepared to become a student of self, soul, vocation, business, marketing and discrimination of resources that are effective vs. those that are better passed by.


Featured Inspirations....

Real life stories of finding and honoring life purpose after SoulArts Private Retreat..

"I am so Blessed to be living my Soularts Dream of Creating Music" 


Over 10 years ago, I embarked on a journey that forever has changed the course of my life.


My Aunt Fran had mentioned this retreat out in Ojai California with a special a person named Ronda Larue. I had attended a few retreats in the past, but this retreat called SoulArts jumped out at me!


To make an amazing long story short, along with Ronda’s loving-gentle guidance and the most perfect setting, I lifted a few major blocks in my life and sorted through stuff that just did not seem to be working for me.


This “lift” guided me into my soul arts passion of writing, recording and performing music! With each album project, there is a growth factor - wonderful creative journey and stories to be told through the music.


To this day, I send Ronda my newest albums in honoring her and her gift of helping and guiding others to their creative passion(s).


I hope a song or two can inspires you on your beautiful, creative journey.


Blessings & Light.
Tony Bonanno / Songwriter, Musician, Teacher




Man from France, developing his business.

(Now this is the way to do it!)

Photo: June 2018 Center for SoulArts with Ronda LaRue, M.S.



Personalized Advanced One-on-One Mentoring, Executive Life Coaching and Integrated Resources for those seeking to Develop, Craft, Launch (or IMPROVE) and Market your Soul-Inspired Business. Custom designed. Holistically integrated. Impish at times. Way potent.


Also honored to discuss creative collaboration ideas, projects and starts. Particularly large social commentary performance projects (See project arts galleries for more)  Please email directly or so note when posting inquiry :)

THIS PROGRAM can be designed in conjunction with a private retreat process and/or in a larger monthly apprenticeship arrangement.  Inquire to discuss! 

When it's Time to Live Your GIFT in the World...​

with Personal Balance, Meaningfulness & Joy



I have always loved working for myself!


I have always loved inspiring others to get crazy fun and powerfully creative and business smart with their own ideas, passions, and life experiences!

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE when I can help others (as I did for myself) uncover how to use your life challenging wounds, struggles and imbalances as keys to your own authentic nature and path of purpose in life!


Do you have a dream-idea, a passionate hobby, a deep caring for something that you've wondered about creating into a business... but "all these somethings" keep holding you back?

Or are you in burn out and seeking to renew your balance, energy, health, passion and relationships and then seeing where you are called to take your executive position or career?

I'd love to help you, if and when you are truly ready to breakthrough: and "JUST DO IT"!!!

To me, putting your passion into true vocation is the most important spiritual journey you will ever take!  It is self-healing inquiry. It fosters compassion. It is a living meditation. It's hard work. It's creative play. It's commitment to your life and to your "true north" - in living action.

Most people who have come to work with me as a spiritual teacher and guide over the past decade or so, do not know this about me:


For 30 years (post graduate school) I created, owned, and ran a strategic planning, marketing research and business development consulting business called InfoVision Systems. I had contracts with companies both large and small, international and local, non-profit and for-profit. I was a "suit dweeb research scientist" when called in as keynote speaker. I was an artist when designing promotional materials or event marketing - or when just plain creating art for art's own great sake! (Bio backgrounder here.)


For decades now (after my first published book: ReMembering Who You Really Are, was published and people first began contacting me for personal psychological-spiritual guidance, I was so busy leading private healing and awakening retreats, that I missed what is right in front of my own eyes:

People seeking inner peace, self-love, relationship healing and a life of meaningful purpose, require -- and deserve -- a very special kind of mentoring when it comes to putting your heart and soul into a vocation, life path and business plan! 


I know, because I have always been that round hole looking at the square peg...and finding a new way with authentic artistry and courageous self-management.

Well I'm here to step up and step in with you.  I do not need to separate my spiritual self with my business mind and expertise.  I would love to help those who feel passionate about paving a new life-work from your truest nature and life experiences - do just that!  The world needs you. We all need to step in and step up.

At a very vital 60+ in my life, I feel deeply connected to helping others (as I have done myself) step from the borders of fear, status quo, rationalism, and "I can't because"...


...Because when the soul has a gift (and it does), and the heart hears the call (and it will), and the head has it's many skills and hard life lessons (which all do) - the soul-heart-mind are ready to come together into a new right relationship - one that creates something far more than the sum of it's parts - one that heals - one that brings wisdom - one that only your utterly unique soul-heart-mind life-print has to share!


If you long for life purpose: Get ready. It's not something you suddenly realize... It is a journey that - if taken- will show and call you out into the whole of you!


...It is a gift you do not want to turn away from and miss knowing and sharing! 

- ronda larue

To me, putting your passion into true vocation is the most important spiritual journey you will ever take!  It is self-healing inquiry. It fosters true compassion. It is a living meditation. It's hard work. It's creative play. It's commitment to your life and to your "true north" - in living action!

If you long for life purpose: Get ready. It's not something you are ever fully prepared for... It is a journey that - if taken- will show and call you out into the whole of you!

Ronda LaRue, M.S. with client

@ "A Sacred Space" Montecito, CA 2012


Ronda LaRue, M.S.  From Vision to Market - Formerly InfoVision Systems (founded 1986) and currently renamed "InSight Out Visionary Leadership Counsel" at Center For SoulArts.   


Ronda has consulted with corporations, CEO's and business start ups since 1983. 


This video shows an example of integrated market development based upon the years of work she and her company conducted on behalf of branding the City of Santa Barbara and Cultural Tourism Economic Development (1996-2002 era)  For More....


"...on par with author Eckhart Tolle. Both are incredible spiritual teachers of our time..."  - Wendy (Amazon Review)
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spirituality home tool guide book with exercises on self healing, personal growth and finding your life purpose

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