You will be experiencing inner self-healing breakthrough and spiritual awakening during the retreat, and we will be creating a customized 9+-Month Action Plan and Set of Specific Resources for you to take home with you to:

synergistically and comprehensively achieve wellness of mind body and spirit from the inter-complexity effects of:

early childhood wounds and other abuse

depression, anxiety, loneliness

grief, loss, trauma, relationship crisis

spiritual and emotional imbalance or crisis

inflammation and physical un-ease markers

economic-political life unease

and just plain the busy-ness and stresses of daily living

We will approach these life issues: 

FIRST: from the level of soul (which is your ground) through a surprising and guided depth process of self-healing insight and awareness during your private retreat training with me; and


SECOND: from a combined modality that addresses and gives you take home resources specific to your needs and their inter-complexity. (This is where my Master's graduate school degree in health research and evaluation comes strongly into an integrated play.)


For example, we may look at established as well as new and emerging diagnostic/healing tools, technologies and resources for identifying and dealing with:

  • brain chemistry and the neuroscience of vitality

  • hormone balance

  • lifestyle choices and diet/exercise/meditation impacts

  • genetic influences and opportunities

  • relational communication and connection

  • personal space, creative self-expression, purpose

  •  crossroads and new directions in finances and futures

All within a much MUCH! deeper self-awareness training and perceptual breakthrough that will give your your own direct self-healing "spiritual awakening" experience and "Aha realization.  AND THAT, changes everything. So when I say life-transforming, I literally mean it is just that. 

I am very robust in synthesizing and integrating the unique genius trying to emerge in your life: the spiritual mystical; the analytical mental; the somatic expressive, the soulful and the pragmatic. (See bio background to understand this unique skill set.)


How to express what must be experienced to be known?...  It's impossible.  But I will try.


This unique spiritual teaching, combined with a holistically-stylized private guided retreat is a bit like:


Taking all the spiritual books and blog posts so many of us have read (like Eckhart Tolle, Brene Brown, Wayne Dyer, Alan Watts, Soulful Sunday, Untethered Soul, The Power of Now, Wherever You Go There You Are; etc etc etc)

  • ...and during your private retreat coming to experience WITHIN YOURSELF-FOR YOURSELF what the heck they're talking about.

- or working with a therapist on those stubborn repeated old patterns, early wounds, scarring beliefs, out dated masks,  life losses, and daily stress struggles

  • ......and during your personal retreat coming to experience WITHIN YOURSELF-FOR YOURSELF the inner shift (some call a spiritual awakening) that results in self-acceptance, inner peace and a new inspired understanding of your life path and how to be an the artist of your life.

- or beating oneself up during daily hectic living and trying to somehow remember"to stay present" or "just breathe" or "practice compassion" -- hoping that if you do it right, that this time, you will find the magic connection that all these "experts" seem to have a grasp on

  • ......and during your personal retreat coming to experience WITHIN YOURSELF-FOR YOURSELF the quantum leap that stops the stuck overdrive of the "inner micro-manager" non-stop thinker, as you discover the creative relief of honoring the soul's own greater genius.

- or feeling overwhelmed with such an array of un-ease in the body, in the heart, in the mind that there's just not enough time or money or hope left in your universe to find solutions to these complex symptoms

  • ......and during your private retreat coming to experience WITHIN YOURSELF-FOR YOURSELF that the answers actually do lie within - when you learn how to access that conscious awareness.

Coming to your own personal private retreat with all of this confusing noise, hurts and needs, hopes and dreams ...and experiencing it all  TURNED "INSIDE OUT" AND ON IT'S OWN HEAD"  is the fastest most potent true breakthrough experience I have uncovered to finally gift you with the needed perceptual shift to know True Self and the doorway to the answers that lie with in. 

I will be helping you engage in a playfully profound "take home practice" that keeps you aligned with your inner wisdom. It is a brilliantly paradoxical process for using life challenges, traumas and stories for breaking free of them - while simultaneously discovering the language of soul and the surprising new pathways of love and commitment to your own path of purpose.

... if I could just say in words what must be experienced in the body-spirit-mind in order to be fully understood!  I can't. No one can. This is why I only work in such an intimate private way with those who seek the real deal living breakthrough integrated into their daily life.



If you feel called to breakthrough and to seeing another whole way of being with the ingredients of your life (the good, the bad and everything in-between) - as tools for growing your wisdom and igniting your gift in the world...


...then I most heartily invite you to please take a look at the ALL NEW ONLINE programs as well as the significant free Resources (Writings, Meditations, Video) at larger site. 

When you're ready to connect and take the inner wisdom journey into the unique non-linear language and genius of your Soul, and learn the art of integrating ego-mind-self with soulful-heart-nature, I look forward to receiving your email and inquiry - and connecting in person.  

And you are most welcome - and encouraged - to speak with those who have come before you to this very very unique life integrating teaching!

In Service to the Art of Your True Being,

ronda larue