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Her work is unique in its flair for creative playfulness, down-to-earth practicality, interfaith depth, and fiery delight in casting a light on each individual’s healing insight and path.


Ronda has an undergraduate degree in Social Administration/Psychology (University of Texas/Dallas) and a M.S. Master of Science degree in Social Psychology Research & Evaluation Methods (graduating top of her class, summa cum laude, TCU 1982).


Ronda has worked with individuals, groups, and corporations through her own businesses for over 3 decades. (See Business Background for more info and detail.)

Author of 2 books and numerous contemplative articles, today Ronda is sought-out as mentor, guide, and consultant of inner healing technologies both conventional and alternative; living meditation; couples communication/clarity; and depth spiritual awakening processes.

Non-denominational. Non-dogma. All paths.


Rated over the years as one of the leading spiritual retreats for integrated healing and life-changing awareness practice:


...Ronda's many hundreds of seeker-clients offer the real testimonial in the ways that most matter:  with their lives...   


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Ronda LaRue, M.S., has an unusually diverse and rich background blending a life time study of research science, the expressive arts, social-psychology, and the sacred into a deeply transformational playground of inquiry, inner self healing arts, and awakened self-realization.


Ronda’s work is uniquely grounded in holistic mind/body/soul-integrated research and healing practices, while devotional toward the spiritual wisdom traditions that recognize life as a journey to conscious awareness and evolution of the heart cast within real world action.

Ronda works almost exclusively from a mentoring tradition of personal apprenticeship in private and small group retreats - offering the very rare opportunity to engage her directly in an inspired mentoring process of guiding and shining a light onto your own inner wisdom and way.

rated top spiritual teacher author and private retreat guide Ronda LaRue, M.S. Ojai California Soul Arts Retreats


apprenticeship working with spiritual teacher and how she helped me from divorce in a 3 day personal healing retreat intensive soul arts with ronda larue
ronda larue author of spirituality & health magazine article why talk therapy isn't always the answer


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